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March 2009 - Footytips.com.au hits 400,000 users
Footytips.com.au have bolstered our number one position in the tipping category with over 400,000 users.

February 2009 - ExtraCorp merge dreamteam.com.au and footytips.com.au
ExtraCorp has moved dreamteam.com.au the Fantasy tipping site for AFL and NRL, into footytips.com.au. You can now run Fantasy tipping inside of footytips.com.au - Australia's number one tipping site.

September 2008 - ExtraCorp signs exclusive ad sales representation with realestate.com.au
ExtraCorp now represents all ad sales for realestateview.com.au.

9 May 2008 - ExtraCorp launches clickgreen.com.au
ExtraCorp has extended its range of innovative online solutions with the launch of clickgreen.com.au, a simple and inspired solution to offsetting your carbon emissions.

ClickGreen enables users to positively contribute to climate change from their inbox, for more information please visit clickgreen.com.au.

1 March 2007 - ExtraCorp launches Fantasy Football site dreamteam.com.au
ExtraCorp has extended its sports product range from footy tipping into the Fantasy Football market with the launch of the site dreamteam.com.au.

dreamteam.com.au gives coaches the chance to create fantasy teams in both the AFL and NRL for the 2007 season.

1 January 2007 - ExtraCorp acquires footytips.com.au
After selling the footytips.com.au business to Tattersalls' TipStar division in 2001, ExtraCorp has acquired the footytips.com.au assets from Tattersalls effective 1st of January 2007.

Throughout the period of Tattersalls' ownership, ExtraCorp was contracted to run all aspects of the business and ExtraCorp has been leading the management and direction of the product. ExtraCorp management are excited to own the business and again are keen to drive growth of the business and expand the product range.

1 June 2006 - footytips.com.au gets behind Soccer
The footytips.com.au service will launch two football (soccer) tipping services in 2006 aimed at capturing the growing interest in soccer.

footytips.com.au will offer a tipping service for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, followed by a tipping service for the 2006/07 Australian A-League.

1 April 2006 - ExtraCorp Launches End-to-End Permission Email Marketing Service
ExtraCorp has released an exciting end-to-end permission email marketing service that provides an online service for advertisers to manage permission email marketing campaigns. The product, called RippleDirect Permission, takes the tedious and time consuming process of managing a permission email campaign and makes it available via a single work flow engine.

Advertisers can do detailed user counts, book campaigns, submit campaign creative and view deliver reports via an online interface.

10 January 2006 - Boom Recruitment Systems secures AusIndustry grant
ExtraCorp's new recruitment service, Boom Recruitment Systems, is proud to announce that Boom has been awarded a grant under the AusIndustry Commercialisation of Emerging Technology grant program (or COMET Grant).

The grant demonstrates that Boom provides a innovative business solution and has exciting global potential.

1 December 2005 - ExtraCorp launches recruitment industry innovation
ExtraCorp is proud to announce the launch of an exciting innovation for the recruitment industry.

Boom Recruitment Systems Pty Ltd has launched a service that allows recruiters to listen to a voice recording from all job applicants answering specific questions about the job.

The service works with all major job sites and is guaranteed to save time when filtering job applicants and improve the filtering process. See www.boomrecruitment.com for full details.

13 April 2005 - RippleDirect has record month for emails
RippleDirect had a record month in March sending over 2 million emails for the month.

The recent SPAM Act has meant clients place an enormous emphasis on protecting their brands when it comes to SPAM. RippleDirect's SPAM guarantee gives our clients the confidence to send emails without fear of breaching the Act which this has lead to our record level of email sending.

10 April 2005 - Tippers take to SMS Tipping
The full SMS tipping service was launched in 2005 across the footytips.com.au, AFL.com.au, Network Ten and Geelong Advertiser sites.

A survey with SMS tippers has shown that tipping was easy. Some of our survey responses indicated that "It is so good that I have switched to SMS rather than using the internet" and "I found tipping via SMS to be more convenient that online. No dialling up or login in. I can enter tips when it suits me".

25 March 2005 - Record Footy Tipping Season
The 2005 footy season has been a record season for ExtraCorp with the largest number of clients and a record number of footy tippers.

Nearly half a million registered users joined the 70+ dedicated sites that are offered via the footytips.com.au service.

Over 15,000 office tipping competitions are now being run through the footytips.com.au service making footytips.com.au the largest footy tipping service in Australia.

Some of the new clients for 2005 include Network Ten, Sunday Times, Triple M Adelaide, CUB, SNAP Printing, Geelong Advertiser, Bundaberg Rum and Toyota.

2 July 2004 - Launch of SMS footy tipping
The ability to enter tips, retrieve results and draw information for the footytips.com.au service is now available via premium SMS.

smstips.com.au has been set-up as a concept site for rounds 14-22 of the 2004 AFL season. Full SMS tipping will be integrated into all footytips.com.au solutions sites in 2005.

The premium SMS tipping service users of the service a flexible option for remote tip entry.

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