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Boom Recruitment Systems assists recruiters to filter job applicants using a voice recording that answers your questions.

A voice recording can assist you to identify the right applicant to interview. By allowing you to listen to your applicants communication skills. Attitude, enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism all shine through - important traits that are impossible to glean from a resume.

Boom's service allows you to get job specific information from each application by asking candidates job related questions. You can get important but simple job information (e.g. when can you start) via a voice recording or more detailed behavioural information (e.g. give an example of dealing with a difficult customer). You choose the questions that will help you filter applicants.

Boom provides an easier way to filter applicants. Messages are collected via an automated service using the normal telephone network. You can collect all applicants in one place (including job sites and newspapers) plus use a range of ranking and email tools to make your job easier.

Boom is great for recruiting positions for customer service, administration, sales & marketing and retail - any job that requires face-to-face or telephone activities.

To find out how to make filtering applicants easier for you, go to:

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