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FOODweek Online - 26 September 2008

Consumers going green

A survey of 4000 people has found that 80% of consumers are now actively seeking products with a positive environmental impact.

Carbon offsetting site clickgreen.com.au conducted the survey, with 40% of respondents saying that the environment is the most important factor to them when selecting a product, followed by cost (30%).

However, 70% said that they are sceptical of 'green marketing'.

Nathan Isterling, founder of Clickgreen, said, "On one hand consumers are environmentally aware, but they're easily put off by companies, who over step the mark by pushing green messages to make a buck.

"Deceptive conduct in the context of 'green' marketing claims won't be tolerated by consumers and we've already seen the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission take action."

Other key findings of the survey were: 55% of people were either not sure or not willing to pay more money for greener forms of electricity; 94% of people believe more immediate measures are needed to combat climate change; 97% of people believe planting trees is a positive combatant against global warming; 45% of respondents use their car less to reduce greenhouse gases.

Clickgreen.com.au is an Australian owned and operated site that offsets users' carbon emissions by planting trees when people click on relevant advertising offers or invite friends to join the site.

The site has 15,000 members, which is the equivalent of offsetting 130,000 days or planting 6,200 trees. The company invests 50% of the site's revenue into tree planting, managed by Greenfleet, a not-for-profit organisation approved under the Department of Climate Change's Greenhouse Friendly program.